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hardware+software for brain-computer-interfaces, innovative human-machine-interaction, for makers, artists, citizen science, wearable tech. inventor of innovative low-cost high-quality hardware and software system involving brain-computer-interface technology, innovative human-machine interaction, modern machine learning and clustering, using maximum open-source and open-design, for use in: citizen science, art, music composition, meditation, quantified self, neurogaming, wearable technology ... we have a team of the most experienced people on the planet, doing this for decades already, in the privacy of underground DIY laboratories, now wanting to give this technology to the world, as open-source and low-cost as possible, to enable the maximum number of scientists, artists, and hobbyists. open source based design with dual licencing business approach. designed for innovators, makers, artists, citizen scientists, musicians. simply the best hardware that is available, in below $1000 "maker/consumer" market-segment, regarding dry-electrode functionality and easy usability, bluetooth/wifi connectivity, and signal/noise ratio. worldwide the most years experience with self-built custom EEG and BCI hardware, doing live setups, performances, installations with researchers and artists around the globe, at private laboratories, studios, clubs, festivals. combined experience of over 30 years building and innovating new EEG and high-end audio amplifier technology, always at the foremost edge, what is technologically possible, outside of military or high grade medical fields. combining science, art, meditation experience, aquired at university as well as in the DIY worldwide maker hackerspace scene.